The MVMT KK provides the Personal Information Protection Policy described below. In designing this personal information protection outline, The MVMT KK will endeavor to raise awareness of the importance of personal information protection among all employees, and by doing so, promote the protection of personal information.

Personal Information Management

The MVMT KK will maintain the accuracy, personal information, and ensure personal information is up to date. To protect against unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, and disclosure, The MVMT KK will provide the necessary training and tools for its employees. The MVMT KK will implement security measures and carry out strict personal information management.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

The personal information we receive from our clients will be used to send e-mails and documents as a means of contacting them, informing them of our business activities, and answering their questions.

Prohibition Against Providing and Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The MVMT KK will appropriately manage information entrusted by clients, and will not make any disclosures of personal information to any third parties except in the following circumstances.

  • Disclosures made with the agreement of the client
  • Disclousres to a consigned services merchant, made by The MVMT KK in order to fulfil a service requested by the client
  • Disclosures when required by laws and regulations

Compliance and Revision of Laws, Regulations and Standards

With regards to personal information possessed by The MVMT KK, in accordance with Japanese laws, regulations and other standards, The MVMT KK will appropriately update the contents of this document, and seek to implement improvements.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the handling of personal information by The MVMT KK, please contact us using the below information.

WED:11:00 - 17:00 L/O 16:30
THUR:11:00 - 21:00 L/O 20:00
FRI:11:00 - 21:00 L/O 20:00
SAT:11:00 - 21:00 L/O 20:00


Our co-work area is the best place to get all of your winter prep sorted!

Super fast wifi and coffee and snacks on the menu. 

Open today 11:00 - 17:00
Come be productive in our co-work space with lightening ⚡️ fast wifi and ample plug space 🔌 コワークスペースあります。
Wednesday (水) 11-17:00
Thursday (木) 11-21:00
Friday (金)11-21:00
Saturday (土) 11-21:00
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The Yard is open throughout October with our normal cafe and skate room hours... 

We've added some Summer Matsuri favourites to our Autumn menu so come on down and try our yummy Yard Wrap and BBQ Pura Tempeh Burger with Onion Rings & Fries (available from tomorrow, Wednesday September 27th)!

We're  continuing to run our October class schedule as well, bringing you all your favourite yoga and fitness classes taught in English and Japanese. 

Keep your eyes out on social media for our winter season pass announcement coming soon! 

This weeks classes... 

MON - 5:45pm Core Fusion - Skye
TUE - 6:15am (Taught in Japanese) Surfers Bootcamp - Sakka
TUE - 7:00pm (Taught in Japanese) Sivananda Yoga - Toshiya
WED - 5:45pm Circuit + TRX - Skye
WED - 7:00pm (Taught in Japanese) Pilates - Riona
THUR - 17:30pm Yin Yan Yoga - Charlie (Setsu Niseko)
FRI - 6:30am Circuit + TRX - Skye
SUN - 7:15pm (Taught in Japanese) Boxercise - Sakka

Class bookings:
Support nonprofit @nisekomtb and Twin Peaks Bike Park, a completely free to use, community bike park, by entering for the chance to win awesome prizes! Visit for more details.
Every ¥5,000 spent builds 2 meters of trails!
A Trek Rail 5 full suspension e-mountain bike A ¥740,000 value
An epic heli skiing, dining and luxury hotel package for 2 A ¥530,000 value
A 5 day summer extravaganza with free accommodation, a multi day e-mountain bike rentals, rafting, guided tours for 2
A ¥250,000 value snowboards, cat skiing tours and more!
Tickets can be purchased at!
Open to international entrants, no maximum entry limit. Void where prohibited

非営利団体 @nisekomtb と、無料公共利用のできるコミュニティ・バイクパーク Twin Peaks Bike Park をサポートいただき、豪華賞品を獲得するチャンスに応募してください! 詳しくは をご覧ください。
抽選の賞品は以下の通りです 最優秀賞
TREK Rail 5 フルサスペンション E マウンテンバイク 740,000円相当
2等賞 ヘリスキー、ダイニング、ラグジュアリーホテルパッケージ 2名様分 530,000円相当
3等賞 夏季5日間の贅沢、宿泊、マウンテンバイクのレンタル、ラフティング、ガイド付きツアー 2名様分 250,000円相当
ラッフルの抽選券はNAMTBA.comで購入できます。 海外からの応募も可能です。応募の上限はありません。 除外されている地域からの購入は無効です。
Bringing you an awesome line up of classes this week… it's getting chilly out there, get those ski legs ready for winter! 
This weeks classes:
MON - 5:45pm Core Fusion - Skye
TUE - 6:15am (Taught in Japanese) Surfers Bootcamp - Sakka
TUE - 7:00pm (Taught in Japanese) Sivananda Yoga - Toshiya
WED - 5:45pm Circuit + TRX - Skye
WED - 7:00pm (Taught in Japanese) Pilates - Riona
THUR - 17:30pm Yin Yan Yoga - Charlie (Setsu Niseko)
FIR - 6:30am Circuit + TRX - Skye
SAT - 9:45am Aerial Yoga - Charlie
SUN - 7:15pm (Taught in Japanese) Boxercise - Sakka
Class pack options available:
Drop in 1750 / Locals card 1500
5 Class Pass 7000 (1400 / class)
10 Class Pass 12500 (1250 / class)
See you at the studio
月 - 5:45pm コアフィットネス - Skye
火 - 6:15am (日本語で教えた)サーファーズブート - Sakka
火 - 7:00pm (日本語で教えた)シヴァーナンダヨガ - Toshiya
水 - 5:45pm サーキット TRX - Skye
水 - 7:00pm (日本語で教えた)ピラティス - Riona
木 - 5:30pm 陰陽ヨガ - Charlie (Setsu Niseko)
金 - 6:30am サーキット TRX - Skye
土 - 9:45am エアリアルヨガ - Charlie
日 - 7:15pm (日本語で教えた)ボクサーサイズ - Sakka
1回 1,750円/ローカルカード1,500円
5回券 7,000円(1,400円/クラス)
10回券 12,500円(1,250円/クラス)
Healthy food and daily specials!

Wednesday (水) 11-17:00
Thursday (木) 11-21:00
Friday (金)11-21:00
Saturday (土) 11-21:00

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Yin Yang Yoga with me tomorrow @ Setsu Niseko! 5:30PM. Limited mat space. 

Use your @theyardniseko class passes to join!